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Tuesday, March 18th, 2003
10:56 pm - No worries.... plastic makes it possible...
I guess I should go by me some duck tape, and plastic now. Especially tomorrow... ya. Since im buying duck tape and plastic, I better throw in some rubber bands too, I mean come on I got to try something!

So yesterday becky and I hung out for a little while because sarah had a sorority meeting. We went to the St. Clair Shores public library, and since its on the lake, and it was foggy last nite we had a long walk to the car in the back of the library. As the fog rolled in and created a blinding path... we heard the wierdest noise ever! It was not human. For real. The first time we blew it off, and kept walking... then it did it again and it sounded like it was louder, so we took off running for my car which i couldnt unlock fast enough and dropped my keys in the process (luckily i didnt need to get away fast or anything).

My car is soooooo clean... im scared. It hasnt been this clean since I got it from the dealership.

Thursday I have to see the presenter for sociology, meaning I have to go to school on my day off... but in return we dont have soc class on friday... whooo I get an hr break! and can have some lunch before math... go me!

I gotta get started on my research paper, the annotated bib is due on friday... tests are coming up, i need to crack down and get my ass in gear and start working harder for my classes. This semester is so stressful. Very Stressful.

April can't come fast enough.

current mood: blah
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Thursday, March 13th, 2003
11:12 pm - im not get-ting math
ok... math sux... final answer!

We had a test, most of us failed, half the class dropped... the professor does not help us what-so-ever!

So we get our tests back and ask him to show us how to do the problems, he skips half the steps and jenny asks how we do them, and this highly annoying girl from day 1 goes "it takes too long, who cares if you dont get it" and the professor agrees!!! WTF IS THAT! so, he dont show us anything, expects us to know, and then he takes 20 mins where he sits and mumbles about how he dont know to schedule everything wasting mins he could have been showing us the problems. Then tells us to take the workshop, which you gotta pay more, and take even more time out to take it. Shouldnt we be learning in class, afterall we pay too much money to be in a class where the professor dont teach. All I can say is MATH SUX and i am changing my major. I always heard that Oakland Math program sucked and that it was hard, and even as a rumor "suspended because of the failure rate". At first i thought it was just the people who didnt get math, but no, its true. Oakland has a crappy math program because of the professors who don't teach. The best math professor by 100000000000% is P. Nebby B lol.

This semester is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard, and fustrating compared to my first semester which totally rocked!!! I came to the conclusion that it sucks, and im gonna go insane before i can finish everything!

Tomorrow is boring library seminar for those of us who dont know how to use the library catalog. Blah to this, Blah to that, Blah to everything.

current mood: cranky
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Sunday, March 9th, 2003
12:38 pm
Coney Island has the best sign I saw... its very informative:

Carry Out Orders must be taken out.
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Friday, March 7th, 2003
9:00 pm
Bringing Down The House was the most funniest movie I seen in a while! I WANNA SEE IT AGAIN! Queen Latifa and Steve Martin cracked me up!!!

funny convo of the day:
at Mediaplay
Sean: *shouts at register* I DIDNT EAT TODAY!!!
Me: *looks at cashier* Have a good nite.
Cashier: Your Welcome!

The weekend = no plans
no plans = bored Matt
bored Matt = Someone want to hang out?
Someone want to hang out = let me know
let me know = call me or send me a instant message! :-P

current mood: cheerful
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Wednesday, March 5th, 2003
9:23 pm - hmmm
Tuesday, March 4th, 2003
10:16 pm - sooooooo...........
My room is finally done! No more futon, no more uncomfortableness at nite!!! I got a full sized bed again, and I still get to keep my entertainment center, computer, and dresser, and my favorite end table in my room! so i am happy.

Today I went to bed bath and beyond, got this 2" down filled mattress pad and it feels like my bed is made of air, I know its not that big of a deal, but after sleeping on a futon since 10th grade, ya I am a little happy.

So there is more snow coming down... all I can say is blah! go away it should be getting warm!

I got my hairs cut today! I like it a lot. I really feel lazy today, I have no motivation, and school is just argh! First semester rocked! This semester is lots of work. Too much HW in math... too little help in phl... lots of notes in soc... rht is rht, term papers suck butt, as well as other paper due in between. The only problem with all that is due is time! I don't have enough of it. On Thursday I am not doing anything but my homework to get caught up... but I know that won't happen.

I feel like going CD shopping to get the 17 CDs I now want... just to track them down and find them... then buy them is the problem.

I got the osbournes on DVD today! yay me. Its the uncensored version, and the DVD contains lots of unseen footage, Ozzy translator, lots of documentary stuff about ozzy, as well as games such as Name that Dookie, Edit a scene wher eyou get to make a 5 minute segment of the show using various clips, and osbournes Bingo! as well as other features... tooo many for a dvd... not enough time! lol

WTF 24 won't be back on until March 23... Im going to go insane without that show... Its my favorite show... why can't they take off someone elses favorite show!!! Especially since they show the preview for the next episode which always looks 1000000 times better!

So I came to the conclusion that I need to get a job again, not fun. I hate the whole searching part. Just know that this time STAY AWAY FROM RETAIL!!!

My neighbor down the street is wierd... she made a snowgirl with a huge detailed chest, bikini, and has lights on so you can see it at night. (BTW she is like in her late 40s too) so if anyone has time (and if it still looks the same after the snow storm) drive down my street, its definately interesting.

Well Im gonna go and lay in my now comfy bed!


current mood: content
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Saturday, March 1st, 2003
11:31 pm - Don't ask me why...
but I went to art van to look at mattresses for when my room gets remodeled (again) and I found this amusing: (ones in bold got me laughing)

Here are some tell-tale signs that your mattress needs replacing:

- The cover is soiled, stained or torn
- The mattress surface looks uneven
- There are sagging spots where you usually lie or around the edges
- The foundation has an uneven or sagging surface
- You'd be embarrassed to show your bed, without covers, to your neighbors
- The mattress is comfortable in some places but not in others
- You fight with your partner for space
- you hear creaking and crunching when you turn over
- The bed wobbles or sways when you roll over
- You have a hard time getting comfortable and falling to sleep
- You wake up with aches and pains

also... something to bring back our childhood memories... go here:

its has all our shows theme songs

current mood: amused
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Thursday, February 27th, 2003
2:58 pm
Zwan -- "Honestly" -- Mary Star Of The Sea

i believe
i believe
i believe
i believe the love you talk about with me
is it true, do i care
honestly, you can try to wipe the memories aside
but it's you that you erase

'cause there's no place that i could be without you
it's too far to discard the life i once knew
honestly, all the weather and storms i bring
are just a picture of my needs
'cause when i think of you as mine
and allow myself with time
to lead into the life we want
i feel love, honestly
i feel love, yes, honestly

i believe you mean the best that life can bring
i believe in it all
honestly, you can try
your heart is just as long as mine
is it ours to let go

'cause there's not place that i could be without you
it's too dark to discard the life i once knew
honestly, a single wrong is not enough
to cover up the pain in us
'cause when i think of you as mine
and allow myself the time
to lead into the life we want
i feel love, honestly
i'll make a joke so you must laugh
i'll break your heart so you must ask
is this the way to get us back
i don't know, honestly
i don't know, yes, honestly

there's no place that i could be without you

there's no place that i could be without you
there's no place that i could be without you
there's no place that i could be without you
there's no place that i could be without you

This Song Rocks! Billy Corgan continues to rock with the new band!!!

current mood: relaxed
Wednesday, February 26th, 2003
11:16 pm - blaaaa
Sarah: Machleors Degree
Me: You just said Machelors agree
Sarah: You just said Machelors agree

Ya that was our scholar conversation. So much for a Master/Bachelor's Degree.

There is some high pitched beep going on right now. I can't tell if its coming from the tv, computer, or coffee pot (ya its beeps... so what?!? lol).

I have been incrediabley bored lately, its not even funny. I am glad I have a week off and all, but it could have been spent doing something fun... like vacation even longer than what we took. I need to get out of the house!

When I finish second semester, I am going job hunting again. I remember when I was so excited I got my job at sears... and all my friends would visit me... the groupies all came there one night, it was great lol. Until you learn the evils behind the softer sides of sears lol. Making at the time 17 yr olds lift projection televisions (isnt there some kind of law against that lol) and then making you rearrange tvs on the huge platforms where you have to hop between the projections on the second level... not fun... then digging for wires behind them while trying to turn the huge 50" tv to hook it up... ya that was great. I am not going to miss that this summer. I think I might get a job in an office lol or a bookstore.

Last week out of no where krystal called me. I haven't talked to her since graduation, and she acted like we never stopped talking... it was kinda wierd because it caught me off guard, and I didnt know what to say. I remember back in 9th grade, 10th grade, and part of 11th grade we hung out every singe day, alllllll day in the summer on our vacations. Then Chris came along and wrecked our friendship. He didnt let her talk to me, and she stopped talking to all her friends at ls. Then after prom, she came over to tell me that they broke up. He was an abusive asshole to her.

I miss the little things about high school. Like getting called down to the office for throwing banana chips in the parking lot lol... when really we didnt we were just waving to lori. I remember when the day of our class nite the fourteen of my closest friends all went to Red Robin, said we would keep in contact, now almost a year later, I talk to about 3 of them, occasionly about 6 of them when the mood hits them. The end of my senior year was the best... I guess I am just feeling lonely for my friends, miss our lunches together, and hanging out with them.

Anyways, Sarah and I decided we want to be on trading spaces since she basically only lives 10 houses away lol. She will remodel my room, and I will remodel her room lol. Just so its blue, and my furniture isn't painted, then I would be happy with my room lol.

Random Thoughts:

- Bored
- MTV Grammy Hangover sucks
- Hip Hop annoys me
- Zwan's CD rocks
- I have a list of 11 CDS I want to buy
- I wanna go to Marshall Fields this weekend
- my room needs to be tidy
- I have too many people instant messaging me to keep up! Argh! lol
- TSO consumes too much time
- I should probably answer some of those IMs right now, then go watch some tv.

current mood: contemplative
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Monday, February 24th, 2003
11:18 pm - :: yawn ::
I am soooo worn out and I didnt hardly do anything. My knee still hurts from saturday when we were leaving and i took the plunge down the stairs. There was no light on, it was dark outside in the morning, didnt see the last three stairs, and i was off. I couldnt stop laughing at the time, I probably woke everyone up at the place.

Yesterday I spent my morning shoveling. Fun. Then Sarah came over and hung out. She came to the decision that her routine is 1. math 2. simpsons 3. the sims online 4. coming over my house

Sooooo today I got up, took my shower, heard footsteps to find out my dad got out of work early (blah) sarah came over, we went to bestbuy and then to tim hortons.

BTW Tim Horton's French Vanilla Cappuchinos rock!

So now I have the whole week to myself... which hardly any plans... sooooo if anyone wants to call me and we can hang out. PLEASE! lol

Got some ski pics back... gonna post some soon... and took a ton of webcam pics... so new lj icons for me in the future... whoooo! go me!

current mood: cold
Saturday, February 22nd, 2003
12:09 pm - IM BACK!!!
Im home again!

So on wednesday I was in my 2nd class and my phone rings... last minute... my parents decided that we were gonna go skiing after they told me no. So I left class, called sean and told him were leaving at 3. So I rushed home, revised my rht paper, went back to OU with sean, dropped my paper off in my prof. mailbox... then went home and left for Traverse City.

So We go there, and the place we stayed at was sooooooooo nice!!! It was a 2 floor condo that was huge! The second floor was a huge bedroom with a sitting area, balcony, 2 closets, and a huge bathroom. So sean and I claimed it.

So we went skiing one day... it was fun.. but my mom hurt her side when she fell... so we didnt ski after that.

Then on Friday we went to Turtle Creek Casino because there you only have to be 18 to gamble because the drinks are contained and it is an indian reservation or something. So I had a lot of fun on the slot machines and made some extra $$. we were walking out and i got 63.25, and I had to spend the 25 cents, and I won $20 off of it!

So the casino was a blast, I wanna go back there again bcuz it rocked.

And I am home, tired, and gonna get some real food.

current mood: chipper
Tuesday, February 18th, 2003
1:05 pm
Today I finally feel better, my nose is a little stuffy but not bad at all, I feel like normal again after a week.

So I'm waiting for my mom to get home from work bcuz I need to know if i have to do my hw for friday or not. My dad wants to go on vacation, and I dont think my mom wants to, I kinda want to, but then i don't... and sean is waiting to find out so he can tell his mom, and its like why can't parents ever give you a simple answer, not a dumb answer like "well, were gonna have to talk about it when I get home" I don't want to do do hw that late because I rather be doing something else, like hanging out with someone.

And on top of it all, if we do go, I am not even packed or ready and that will leave me with less than 24hrs to get everything together. I know im going to school tomorrow, and if we do go it will be at 3, so that means that sean and I will be doing a 10pm run to kroger to get snacks. I am not prepared at all! ARGH!

:: sigh ::

Sometimes I just feel so lonely like I do right now. It sux.

hmm... its 1:10 and i didnt get any food yet so that is my current mission.

current mood: busy
Monday, February 17th, 2003
11:38 pm - Hmm
Ok, so today was my first day back after being home sick all week from school. It felt very long today to be back in the old routine. I pratically was asleep in phl. So today my dad took my car to the dealership to get new brakes. When I got the car, they were new, 9000 miles later they start to squeak, so we took it in, and they were fine... so my dad took it back again and the "shoe" if that is what it is called was cracked, there are 4 of them, 2 to each front tire... so i got new brakes and it squeaked again, but its because they are new, it wasn't loud like before. So today I got to drive the blazer to school... that was interesting. I get to the parking lot and i pulled foward and i thought i was crooked but i wasnt so i kept backing in and re alliging my car that i made the person in front of me re park his car lol.

I was bored tonite, so me and sarah went to best buy and i bought simple plan's cd. I have a list going of 13 cds I want, so far i haven't gotten any bcuz i been too busy buying other cds.

Then I did my taxes which was really quick. I don't owe anything so im happy.

Then Sarah and I went to Tim Hortons and got french vanilla cappuchinos, they were sooo hot, we didnt know what to do bcuz they didnt fit well in my cup holders, and they were too hot to hold... so we burned our hands bcuz they were so hot.

Well Im exhausted all the sudden i can hardly keep my eyes open...


current mood: drained
Sunday, February 16th, 2003
7:52 pm - BLAH BLAH!
Simple: IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT I WRITE IN MY JOURNAL... DON'T READ IT!!! Andrea, you always have some big problem, that is like the worst catastrophe, and I as well as others (one of your best friends) think you lied about your house, bcuz one you kept making up lies to me about not seeing it because you forgot your keys or lost your keys, get real the world is not stupid and oblivious to your lies. Chris from work didnt even know you a day and he asked me if you lied a lot, just from the 15 min car ride to the haunted house. Go and surmize what you want. I dont care, I am not in high school, I don't play high school games. You lied to me many times and I blew it off. For example. You said your taking rhetoric at macomb. HEY, I know like 10 people who go to macomb at the big campus and 12 mile high, and looked in their couse book, when they got it and THERE IS NO RHETORIC PROGRAM AT MACOMB. There are other small accounts where you lied to me, and everyone knows its lie, sean even laughs at what your stories are. Its your own fault for reading my entry. Maybe if you didt lie to me i wouldnt have posted it. My suggestion is: DONT READ IT.

Oh and I will belive you have your own house when you actually get one, and close on it, maybe. I hate when people lie to me and I am always honest with everyone. Maybe others should try it too.

current mood: irritated
Friday, February 14th, 2003
11:07 pm - :*-(
Dr Orders: - stay in bed - get some rest - its viral infection = BLAH

I'm saddened by that. I had really really really important thing to do tomorrow, and of course I have to get sick this week! BLAH! If people stayed home from school when they are sick, then I wouldnt be sick right now.

*sigh* I'll be relaxing now, trying to get my "rest" and feeling depressed.

current mood: sick
8:20 am
8:06 am - No school for me again...
So once again, I am not going to school. I haven't been to school since monday. I have a doctors appointment today at 12:30... I still have a sore throat and feel sick, and I am sick of being sick! I haven't been like this since... hmmm... i don't exactly remember, but i know its been a while. I am going to be so far behind in hw!!! argh!

current mood: sick
Wednesday, February 12th, 2003
8:02 pm
did i mention how much i really hate being sick :(
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Tuesday, February 11th, 2003
10:03 pm - WTF?!?
Kennedy Middle School is gross, I can't belive I went there, its even worse now lol. Eight graders should act like eight graders!!! It was probably in Paver or Homic's class because they are the only science teachers I remember, and that neither of them had control of their classrooms. SICK!

current mood: shocked
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7:37 pm
Sore/scratchy throats suck! that is all.

current mood: sick
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